How do recruiters find the right provider and the questions to ask?

As with any purchase decision it’s important for the buyer to consider the unique selling points of the supplier and their product. For those looking to invest in cloud based Safe Screening (, there are many. At the forefront of cloud technology, yet backed by over four decades of experience, Safe Screening is born of Safe, founded and providing software solutions since 1975. Hosted on the Amazon platform, Safe Screening offers data backup and security of the highest levels possible. Should any of the clustered servers fail, another will save and replace any missing data, without interruption of service.  With support of the cloud based model, Safe Screening is able to offer load baring regulation, so no peaks or troughs in activity affect SLAs, due to the cloud storage format. Recruiters should consider the supplier, product, and support package to make an informed choice before purchase.

Does cloud computing have the ability to evolve? If so how do you see this happening over the next 2 years?

With all the associated benefits it would seem cloud computing is the better solution, so the evolution would be an increase in utilisation. Traditional methods and practices will eventually thus fall by the way side as this technology replaces them. Fear of use will reduce as securities continue to improve and education and awareness regarding security increases in the market place. Technology providers who were early adopters, such as Safe Screening (, will hold the lion’s share of the market. The course of the next two years could see ‘me too’ providers arrive.  Whilst imitation is the highest form of flattery, those with established relationships and technologies would be expected to provide the best solutions in the long term.

What are recruiters looking for in a cloud computing model?

Recruiters want the benefits of online storage and the flexibility to log in on any device from any location to manage their process without losing control. Utilising secure login web portals for self-management and process automation, cloud based Safe Screening ( can deliver recruiters a pre-employment candidate checking system that embodies all these benefits. Moreover, with contracts and compliance facilities, and secure portals for all in the process, Safe Screening can help both temporary and permanent resources with on boarding and transparency to clients.

The challenges when implementing cloud computing?

The main challenge is fear of security. Various hacking stories in the press cause people to doubt information storage in a digital format within their own domain of devices they control. It’s partly a leap of faith to put pre-employment screening information, which can be highly confidential, in a cloud environment. Safe Screening combats this fear through data access restricted portals, which only allow those at each level of the process to see only what they need to see for their aspect of the process. Safe Screening ( is further supported by the Amazon web platform, securing the data storage to the highest levels possible, as such a large company can dedicate near infinite resources to data security.

How is cloud computing benefitting the recruitment industry?

There are various benefits to true cloud computing in the original sense of the term. By using Amazon servers, Safe Screening is able to offer customers a solution which can manage peaks and troughs in candidate vetting. Clustered servers with the support of Amazon means the Safe Screening ( solution can be powered by as little or as much space as is needed. If just one customer conducts one check a year, or 100 new customers run 1000 checks a day, service levels would be constant. There’s a safety in the support too. As Amazon cluster servers and spread data between with backups, should one fail, the others support, no data is lost service is not reduced. Over traditional manual screening checking services, these benefits are highly beneficial to recruiters and really help make Safe Screening unique in the market place.

For those who don’t understand, what is cloud computing?

The term cloud computing originates from utilising rented space on clustered externally owned servers for economies of scale. By users renting unused space from those who needed big servers, everyone benefitted from state of the art server technology that may have otherwise been less quick, less secure, less stable or not as cost effective if dedicated and in-house. Today the term has become more generic, meaning information is echoed and stored via online methods, rather than directly on PCs, mobile devices, or one office server. Safe Screening ( was founded on the Amazon cloud platform, in line with the original principals of cloud computing, to maximise the multitude of benefits associated with this format for customers.

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