Grow with pay as you go payroll and accounts

Grow with pay as you go payroll and accounts

One of the major problems when growing any new venture is cash flow. Do you have more coming in than going out? Initial capital is hard to come by, and often goes quickly on premises, equipment, staff wages and a plethora of other aspects of running your own venture. What if there was some aspect of what you had to do that could be pay as you go rather than a steep initial outlay?

Well when it comes to running your payroll or sorting out your accounts there is a way to just pay for what you use, as and when you use it. Payroll and accounts outsourcing services allow you to pay as you go, only paying for what you need, when you need it. An added bonus to using such a service for accounts, is that your cash flow headaches will be further eased, by a team of credit controllers and clever credit control software chasing payments for you and reducing debtor days. Less debtor days means less use of your capital or credit, less funding needed, less interest eating away at your profits or stretching your resources.

One fear often mentioned in relation to using such services, is a loss of control. Using a provider such as Safe Outsourcing, means you can access the software that powers the service online via web portals and check in on the work carried out for you at any time. With this system it’s almost the same as walking around your office and checking on your own team, just in a remote location and a virtual environment.

One such provider is Safe Outsourcing, who support growing businesses and well established large blue chip clients who want to pay as they go and not have the hassle of managing in-house. If you’d like to find out how Safe Outsourcing could help your business, visit to enquire online, email or call 0844 5832134 now.

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