Right to work checks aren’t easy, even if you’re in charge of them!


Right to work checks aren’t easy, even if you’re in charge of them!

A recent resignation of the minister for immigration shows just how easy it is for an individual to not conduct the proper right to work checks. No matter how much they think they know about immigration policy.

According to BBC news, Mark Harper felt he had conducted sufficient checks on his cleaner in 2007, by taking copies of a home office letter stating the right to work and a copy of her passport. Appointed minister in 2012, he reportedly had considered rechecking paperwork latterly, yet concluded sufficient checks had been previously done. He has since stepped down, having found the employee did not have sufficient right to work in the UK, as they had overstayed their visa.

If only the minister in question had used some of the latest software available for pre-employment background checks. Safe Screening, for example, is not only able to validate if a visa is a legitimate document, it can set a reminder to flag up subsequent checks at the time of expiration with sufficient notice. To find out more about Safe Screening visit www.safescreening.co.uk email info@safecomputing.co.uk or call 0844 583 2134.

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