Payroll data theft from leading supermarket


Payroll data theft from leading supermarket
A leading supermarket chain hit the headlines in the last couple of weeks, as payroll data for thousands of their employees was stolen.
It’s been widely recently reported by leading news sources that a certain high street supermarket chain has fallen victim to a cyber-crime. The theft in recent weeks has left details of personal information such as addresses, dates of birth, and bank details, at risk, for over one hundred thousand employees who work for this retailer. 
This crime has reportedly meant that the employer had to take steps towards damage limitation, including set up a staff helpline to resolve concerns. This large retailer has reportedly also had to issue press statements to reassure shoppers that their personal information is safe, damaging not only relationships with employees, but with customers too. 

This shows that even some of the largest employers can have systems with security holes. If you are worried your payroll and HR software solution is not robust enough, why not find out more about Safe EMS. To do so, visit, email, or call 0844 583 2134. 

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