Do you know who is working for you?

Do you know who is working for you?

Recent statistics released by the UK government, show that in 2011 around 200 illegal immigrants were found working in Devon and Cornwall areas of the UK alone. Fines for this area and period exceeded £434k, however some of these fines were collections based on raids the year before.

A civil penalty system has been in place for employers since 2008 by the UK Border Agency. This allowed the agency to place fines, previously capped at £5,000 per instance of employing an illegal worker on the employer. With the cap now raised to £10,000 per worker the amounts that any offending employer could pay could be quite substantial. Once the penalty is in place, employers don’t have long to settle the bill either. They must pay in full within 28 days or ask permission to pay in monthly instalments, permission which may not be granted.

A download from the UK Border Agency website naming and shaming employers in London and surrounding, shows a breakdown of fines by organisation for 2010. Within this can be seen fines as low as £2.5k for one company, rising to £45k for another particular company. Depending on the turnover and profit of an organisation a fine of these sizes in the very worst case scenario, could put a company out of business.  In the best case scenario where the company can afford to carry the fine, it will inhibit reinvestment and growth and significantly affect bottom line and thus profits.

Do you really know who is working for you? If you look out on your business and count heads of those members of staff who have a background you’re unsure of, try taking that figure and times it by £10,000 fine a time. Then look at something like for the safety of your business.

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