Auto enrolment, are you ready?

Auto enrolment, are you ready?

Although auto enrolment staging has been happening for around a year and a half we are now moving into the phase affecting companies with 250 employees or fewer.  The impact of this is many more organisations than ever before will find themselves trying to cope with this legislation.  Almost all will need to change operational processes, many will need to change payroll systems, and some may just not have a clue what to do or where to begin!  In their latest blog, one pensions provider states that those who have been through staging are just the tip of the, proverbial, iceberg. The largest employers went first in an attempt to ease in the process.  However the largest employees in schemes to date reportedly only collectively make up 3 million employees from 10,000 companies. Between now and the end of the staging process a further 30,000 organisations need to establish suitable processes to assess, and where appropriate enrol, all their employees.

Managing opt outs is thought to be trickier for smaller operations than larger businesses and, whereas larger employers probably have the staff to deal with the issues or can simply outsource, smaller businesses might be concerned about the additional costs.  When it comes to running the assessments workplace pension auto enrolment isn’t a one off check of all employees, it needs to be a continual process.  Every time payroll runs the eligibility of employees, not already enrolled, needs to be checked.  Every time someone is opted in there has to be a process to deal with their opt out (if chosen).  Opt out communication needs to be worded correctly and be impartial - anything that could be seen as inducing opt out may be deemed something the employer could be fined for.  When an employee opts out that employee has to be re-assessed after three years, in accordance with legislation. It’s a lot for a smaller employer to cope with in house.

What can help is outsourcing payroll to a company like Safe who know how to process employee data correctly for pension auto enrolment.  Safe processes auto enrolment processes within the payroll solution negating any need for third party ‘middleware’ to make the assessment.  Safe offers two service options: - a fully managed payroll provided by Safe Outsourcing or a software as a service (SaaS) model using Safe’s flagship payroll product Safe EMS.  Both of these options are charged on a pay as you go basis, helping smaller businesses budget for and manage costs.  Safe integrate with Now:Pensions and Nest pension providers (and many other providers too), who can help businesses establish a suitable scheme and provide the legally compliant and suitably impartial employee communications necessary.  

Speak to Safe about how they can help your business on 0844 583 2134, email, or visit or to find out more.

Payroll data theft from leading supermarket


Payroll data theft from leading supermarket
A leading supermarket chain hit the headlines in the last couple of weeks, as payroll data for thousands of their employees was stolen.
It’s been widely recently reported by leading news sources that a certain high street supermarket chain has fallen victim to a cyber-crime. The theft in recent weeks has left details of personal information such as addresses, dates of birth, and bank details, at risk, for over one hundred thousand employees who work for this retailer. 
This crime has reportedly meant that the employer had to take steps towards damage limitation, including set up a staff helpline to resolve concerns. This large retailer has reportedly also had to issue press statements to reassure shoppers that their personal information is safe, damaging not only relationships with employees, but with customers too. 

This shows that even some of the largest employers can have systems with security holes. If you are worried your payroll and HR software solution is not robust enough, why not find out more about Safe EMS. To do so, visit, email, or call 0844 583 2134. 

fair employment monitoring

Fair employment monitoring
The Fair Employment and Treatment (Northern Ireland) Order 1998 (FETO), as amended by Fair Employment and Treatment Order (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003 , makes it unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of religious belief and/or political opinion in the fields of employment, the provision of goods facilities and services, the sale or management of land or property and further and higher education.  We created this solution specifically to serve the above legislative requirements.
This module can be added to track religions of those you employ in Northern  Ireland, and works totally transparently to your employees.
For your HR teams, this module allows for data collection, so your business is able to demonstrate equality in terms of employment.
This allows your business to anonymously track levels of one religion and of another, so you can keep and demonstrate when questioned, a healthy balance.
To find out more about adding our FETO module to your Safe EMS solution, please contact your account manager or visit and use our ‘enquire online’ link. 

Penserver interface

Penserver interface
Our penserver interface solution for Safe EMS assists with calculations of pensions for government agencies employees. This tool provides an interface for files of data relating to pensions, and the interface allows the product user to extract the correct information in the correct file format as requested by law. Laws surrounding government pensions are very specific, and file formats are defined within the law. Our penserver interface automatically populates the Safe EMS solution with pension deductions per employee. Captured information through the interface is sent to pension administrators who are usually external to our customer’s business, in a format easily accessible to all, namely Microsoft Excel files.
Some information will need to be manually inputted, for example spouse contact details, however we do provide you with a form screen to make this data entry easier.
You are able to choose the frequency of reports you can run for pensions administration, so if you pay a financial adviser to check these daily, monthly, or annually, you are able to run reports in time to match this agreement. Similarly, if you wish to run reports based on how often the information is likely to change, for example if you run two major recruitment events each year, you are able to customise report dates to suit.
To find out more about adding our penserver interface to your Safe EMS solution, speak to your account manager or visit and use our ‘enquire online’ link. 


LGPS (Local government pension scheme) module

The software is able to calculate average pension contributions within legislation specific to educational institutions.
Our software can calculate contributions based on any point in the year and salary.
Local governments will usually set bandings as rules for schools to follow, and our software helps you comply with these.
Our LGPS optional extra can calculate employer contributions on a salary basis at any given point during the year, giving you flexibility to hire new staff and start their pensions all year round.
We are also aware that part time workers can be entitled to the same pension contribution as a full time worker in these sectors, and our software is able to calculate contributions on this basis.
To find out more about adding our LGPS functionality to your Safe EMS solution, please contact your account manager or visit and use our ‘enquire online’ link. 

Safe EMS HR and payroll key features

Safe EMS HR and payroll
Get every facet of your people management business facing in the same direction with Safe’s integrated HR, payroll, recruitment, and training solution.

Human resource management
• new Starter wizards and checklists
• ‘out of the box’ document management
• full HR history tracking
• recruitment management
• training administration
• absence administration
• leaver processing
• org charting
• integrated self service functionality

Payroll management
• UK and Irish Payroll modules
• integrated with HR
• statutory and occupational absence schemes
• hourly, weekly and monthly configuration options
• pensions management
• HMRC on-line ready
• integrated modules P11D and BACS
• variable data management tools
• bureau, in-house and hosted

System wide tools
• integrated Cognos reporting
• integrated EasyAsk, English language reporting
• Microsoft Office integration
• Microsoft SQL server based
• task and workflow automation
• configurable and customisable to key requirements

‘The time we have saved through using Safe EMS is incalculable’ commented Irene Stannard, Anglian Group.

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