How can you be sure you’re happy with an outsourcing service provider?

How can you be sure you’re happy with an outsourcing service provider?

The most common resistance to even thinking about outsourcing anything, is the fear of a loss of control. So what can you do to ensure that you choose a provider who will work for you in the way you want, so you never feel like what they do for you, is outside of your control?

One recommended strategy is to be clear at the outset of exactly what it is you’re after. Some clients can come prepared with a written document detailing their needs wants and desires. Be prepared to put some work in initially to be sure to get the work you want out of your chosen supplier.

Another strategy is to arrange a meeting. Be sure you work smarter, not harder. Many prospective clients will often put off or avoid meeting outsourcing providers, for fear they don’t have the time to meet and discuss fully their needs. This is most likely due to the fact they are busy doing or managing the very job or task they could be outsourcing, to free up their time on more core business activities. Make the time for a meeting. It might prove a little more work in the short term, but could be well worth it for saving you time in the long run.

Be certain to exercise due diligence when choosing an outsourcing supplier, especially if you’re choosing a supplier to provide you with payroll services. Security should be paramount for anything to do with financial information or employees personal data. A supplier such as Safe Outsourcing is, for example, backed by Safe, a software company which broke away from the Chubb group in the mid-seventies, so has a long history to the core of high security.

Be prepared to spend some time choosing the right supplier for you and your business. Taking the time to choose the correct supplier initially, will give you the peace of mind you desire when using the service further down the line.

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Save yourself the burden of legislation


Save yourself the burden of legislation


Recent years have seen many businesses have struggled as legislation surrounding payroll continues to grow. Operationally, keeping on top of it all is tiresome. In smaller businesses resources can be stretched, trying to comply with the ever growing law of directives. 


The introduction of pensions auto enrolment has been rolling out in stages for a while now for larger employers. This year sees the smaller and medium enterprises hit with this new legislation, which they will now need to be able to cope with. Last year real time information came into effect. The combinations of these two new legislation pieces have made many employers switch to outsourcing, when they hadn’t necessarily considered it an option before. 


As well as ensuring compliance, a cost saving can be made by outsourcing, as instead of stretching internal human resources, outsourcing means using another company’s team to run your business payroll activities. Ultimately this frees your company’s resource, either to leave the business, or more often, to be reassigned to focus on more core business tasks. 


Outsourcing can bring further benefits. Service level agreements can be set prior to utilising the service. These SLAs could mean measuring aspects that either hadn’t been possible to measure or hadn’t been thought of as measurable before. 


Let’s face it, times change. Legislative changes surrounding HR will continue to occur in the future, if not from our government directly, than from directives cascaded down from the European Union. Further legislation will build further complexity to payroll operationally, and require increasing amounts of management in terms of resource. By far the easiest way to save the burden and enjoy economies of scale cost savings is to outsource. 


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Grow with pay as you go payroll and accounts

Grow with pay as you go payroll and accounts

One of the major problems when growing any new venture is cash flow. Do you have more coming in than going out? Initial capital is hard to come by, and often goes quickly on premises, equipment, staff wages and a plethora of other aspects of running your own venture. What if there was some aspect of what you had to do that could be pay as you go rather than a steep initial outlay?

Well when it comes to running your payroll or sorting out your accounts there is a way to just pay for what you use, as and when you use it. Payroll and accounts outsourcing services allow you to pay as you go, only paying for what you need, when you need it. An added bonus to using such a service for accounts, is that your cash flow headaches will be further eased, by a team of credit controllers and clever credit control software chasing payments for you and reducing debtor days. Less debtor days means less use of your capital or credit, less funding needed, less interest eating away at your profits or stretching your resources.

One fear often mentioned in relation to using such services, is a loss of control. Using a provider such as Safe Outsourcing, means you can access the software that powers the service online via web portals and check in on the work carried out for you at any time. With this system it’s almost the same as walking around your office and checking on your own team, just in a remote location and a virtual environment.

One such provider is Safe Outsourcing, who support growing businesses and well established large blue chip clients who want to pay as they go and not have the hassle of managing in-house. If you’d like to find out how Safe Outsourcing could help your business, visit to enquire online, email or call 0844 5832134 now.

Are you considering outsourcing?

Safe Outsourcing offer payroll, invoicing, credit control, all via an online portal. In these times of economic uncertainty and legislative changes, it can be tricky to always ensure compliance with in-house practices. Outsourcing seems to be falsely feared as a solution within the recruitment marketplace Safe Outsourcing is one of the few that is Safe in name and nature for your career. You retain full control of your payroll processes via our secure web portals. All correspondence is white labelled, so appears to come directly from your in-house resources. By outsourcing to us, you save the physical time calculating, printing, mailing your payroll, allowing you more time to focus on developing your business. By utilising the Safe Outsourcing model, you can rest assured that your payroll will be powered by award winning software made by Safe Computing, the company behind Safe Outsourcing.  

Should your business also be considering funding to bridge the gap between worker payments and client receivables you can even benefit from our preferential rates with our funding partner, Leumi.

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