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Corporate social responsibility

Ethical, considerate, responsible

Safe Computing believe in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and that they have an obligation to consider the interests of customers, employees, shareholders, communities and ecological considerations in all aspects of its operations.

The company therefore makes decisions based not only on financial factors such as profits or dividends, but also in considering the immediate and long-term social and environmental effect of its activities.

It understands that its software products must help its customers enhance and compliment their own CSR policies. Therefore, it ensures that it operates in an ethical manner and that its products ensure that its clients can also adopt that same ethical stance.

The organisation will establish a positive company reputation and brand in the public eye through good work that yields a competitive edge while at the same time contributing to others.

Safe Computing fully understand that HR leadership plays a critical role in spearheading the development and strategic implementation of CSR throughout any organisation in order to promote sound corporate citizenship. Safe Computing will help its customers manage that corporate and social responsibility.

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