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Alina Howe-Jones a speaker at CIPP conference, London

June 2015

Alina Howe-Jones will be speaking about next generation right to work at a forthcoming conference at CIPP’s Arne Street office in London on 8 July.

Alina Howe-Jones, expert in screening technology and director of with a lead role for Safe Screening background checking software, will be speaking at CIPP’s next conference as part of the breakout sessions.

We have all, most likely, heard about right to work, but do we really know what that means? Who really qualifies and who doesn’t to have the right to work in the UK? Could a HR professional know a real passport from a fake? What is right to work? Alina has a speaker slot titled, ‘next generation right to work’, which is one to look out for if you intend to visit the event.

In this discussion Alina explores what right to work is all about, and how software can help HR professionals and management teams to work more effectively to check employees and safe guard their companies from a bad hire.

Along with the above questions, Alina’s presentation will challenge perceptions around right to work. Does an organisation, for instance, know how adversely UK border agency fines could impact business if in-house HR professionals don’t conduct through checks? Do businesses conduct the right checks, indeed are businesses aware of new technology available to assist with such checks? Are pre-employment checks and on boarding procedures something which can enhance the services which HR and payroll provide to our organisations? Come to Alina’s presentation to find out more.

Safe Screening offers pre-employment background checking software and services and Safe will also be exhibiting at the conference. It isn’t always easy for a business to follow right to work legislation which is constantly evolving. Safe Screening always likes to be one step ahead with technology. Organisations want an instantaneous legally compliant way to check an employee’s status from any location and avoid fines. Safe Screening can provide a simplified cost effective mobile application solution which can do just that.

You can find out more about CIPP at: http://www.cipp.org.uk, or to find out more about Safe Screening see: www.safescreening.co.uk or for more information about Safe, visit: www.safecomputing.co.uk.


All media enquiries to renata.jones@safecomputing.co.uk


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