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How do you save on payroll time? Automate your back pay and input for the future


How do you save on payroll time? Automate your back pay and input for the future

This time of year companies review salaries. As the economy starts to recover and flourish, salaries can increase. When remuneration goes up, back pay can need to be issued dating back to whenever the rise was first issued or discussed. Many HR and payroll systems are unable to fully cope with this change. The few that can seldom manage to calculate back payments for anything other than standard salaries. So back pay of overtime, or of percentage based schemes such as shift allowances based on a percentage of salary payments, in addition to standard pay rates, may need to be manually calculated and processed.

In addition to working out what may need to be added in back pay, you may also need to work out what may need to be deducted in addition too. If someone is retrospectively being paid more, they many need to retrospectively pay more tax or NI for that extra received.

Safe have created a solution that can make and apply to payroll processing, all these calculations, for you. This saves time and man hours spent on manual processes, while saving on margin for error in automating the process. As a date effective system, the software can be set to schedule a future change in payments too. So for instance if you know an employee will be due a car allowance starting in three months time, you do not need a future planning folder or a diary system to remind you to do action that at the time. You can simply set up the date effective software to pay the new rates at a future date. You HR can be set to be ahead of the game.

This feature is now part of the standard Safe EMS software solution, so you do not need any additional modules to make it work, simply take our basic HR and payroll platform software to take advantage of this feature. Existing customers can turn this feature on by liaising with their account manager. To find out about becoming a Safe EMS customer, visit www.safe-ems.co.uk and click on ‘enquire online’, or call 0844 583 2134 quoting ref ‘automate’ to arrange a free demonstration.


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