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Is cloud computing new? We’ve been offering it since SAAS!


Is cloud computing new? We’ve been offering it since SAAS!

Modern day definitions of cloud computing vary, however accounts of the origin of the term seems the same. It is thought the term ‘cloud computing’ arose from schematics drawn by developers, where a cloud symbol would be placed around any web based portal which sent and received information to remotely based hardware and software for processing. From this perspective the term could be dated back to the 1990’s, however the label ‘cloud computing’ in relation to this has only sprung to life and the media recently, as increasing numbers of companies turn to web based solutions.

Web based portals allow easy accessibility, not just around a business without the need for multiple installs of specialist software, but across disparate offices, and even for easy access for those working from home. Web based portals also makes software cheaply and easily accessible worldwide, which is excellent for businesses beginning to expand abroad.

More recent definitions have grown in complexity, so not all web based solutions should strictly fit into a cloud category, as such suppliers and solutions will vary in style. However, Safe have been offering a cloud styled application hosted solutions to HR and payroll customers for almost a decade now. This dates back to the first two leading recruitment companies to take this solution from Safe in 2003. The company group was founded from Chubb’s former IT department in 1975, and so has over three decades of  experience in developing IT software and services.

The most recent development in this arena goes by the current brand name of Safe EMS as software as a service (SAAS), or Safe EaaS for short. Basically via the web and using this hosted solution, a company can use this to enjoy all the benefits of a HR and payroll system without any of the headaches of installing and maintaining the IT software. SAAS from Safe also reduces costs, as you pay as you go, rather than for an upfront licence, which makes it a very attractive solution for new start-ups. It is also a great way to try before you buy, as you can access the same software via a web portal, see how effective it is, then make a transition to purchase as your business expands later should you wish to. Safe provide the same style of software with additional modular features as a full on-premise software solution which can be purchased, called Safe EMS. Any eventual transition from cloud to installed could therefore reduce internal barriers to change and progress within your business, as the system would be very similar as it would come from the same supplier.

To find out more, you can visit http://www.safe-ems.co.uk/hr-and-payroll-service/ then click on ‘enquire online’, or call 0844 583 2134 quoting ref ‘SaaS cloud’ to arrange a free demonstration.


Media enquiries to renata.jones@safecomputing.co.uk

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