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Safe EMS Case Study - Haskins



Haskins is a family owned business established in 1882. This chain of garden centres operates principally in the South of England, from four retail outlets. Haskins hold accreditations from The Horticultural Association, The Garden Centre Association and the Investors in People Award.


Across their four sites, Haskins had access areas for staff, secured via access card systems. As a large retailer with multiple sites, keeping track of hours worked by employees who work differing shifts can be tricky, as opening hours often exceed office hours to catch trade from customers who may work the standard weekday nine to five.


By adding Safe Computing's Topaz EMS time and attendance functionality with HR and payroll software, together with Grosvenor Technology terminals, Haskins were able to increase efficiency and create an almost entirely automated system for all sites. Grosvenor Technology specialises in finger biometric clocking terminals and installed four RS09 terminals. These terminals are managed by ‘Custom Exchange’ a communication software solution by Grosvenor which offers a very easy and efficient process for the enrolment and distribution of staff fingerprint templates to the RS09 terminals. There are numerous benefits to fingerprint biometrics over other technologies. Cards can get lost and could be used by unauthorised personnel. Similarly, keypad codes can be forgotten or seen and then used by the wrong hands. In terms of recording time and attendance for correct payroll information, fingerprint biometrics means no person other than that specific employee can clock in or out of the system.

How does it work?

The Grosvenor “Custom Exchange” software automatically downloads the date and time (transaction) that employees clock at the terminals directly in to the EMS database and this transaction detail is then analysed against the hours that each employee has been scheduled to work.  The system then provides real-time information via a web enabled front end where Line Managers can administer - clocking exceptions, overtime authorisation, and if required, allow a shift change to match what actually happened. 

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