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Customer training workshops - Pensions and Auto Enrolment

Pensions and Auto Enrolment

This one day training workshop is designed to facilitate users’ implementation of Workplace Pension and Auto-Enrolment within Safe Tempest or Safe EMS.

Topics covered relate the latest software functionality within Safe Computing’s products including:

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  • A system overview and  what the legislation means to our users in terms of routine  processes
  • How to create pension companies and schemes
  • The configuration of staging date and details required to enable the automation of pension auto enrolment and postponement
  • The ability to select payments for the inclusion of pensionable earnings
  • The automatic application by the system of both worker and eligible jobholder  postponement periods
  • How the system will assess employees pay and age in the period to determine auto enrolment after the postponement period(s) have ended
  • The application of a regulated pension scheme and associated deductions
  • How to automatically refund the deductions made when a worker opts out and is within the opt out window
  • How to produce reports on eligibility, new enrolments and postponement history

The cost of the session is £350.00 plus VAT for each attendee.  Lunch will be provided.

All companies using our software are encouraged to attend these sessions as our End of Year/ Start of Tax Year Workshops in 2013 will only be able to provide a broad overview of this functionality.

To register please use the following links:

4 December 2012             Manchester       http://bit.ly/PensionsManchester
6 December 2012             Leicester              http://bit.ly/PensionsLeicester
20 December 2012           London                 http://bit.ly/PensionsLondon
15 February 2013              London                 http://bit.ly/WorkshopLondonPensions
21 February 2013              Leicester              http://bit.ly/LeicsPensions
2 May 2013                         London                 http://bit.ly/PensionsLondonMay
3 May 2013                         Leicester              http://bit.ly/PensionsLeicsMay
8 August 2013                    London                 http://bit.ly/LondonPensionsAugust
9 August 2013                    Leicester              http://bit.ly/PensionsLeicsAug
5 December 2013             Leicester              http://bit.ly/pensions5dec
17 December 2013           London                 http://bit.ly/pensionslondondec2013

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