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We’ll be there – Recruitment Technology Showcase Event - 18th June 2013 by UK Recruiter

We’ll be there – Recruitment Technology Showcase Event - 18th June 2013 by UK Recruiter
Previous attendee: "I am looking for a new software provider .. attending this event has saved me weeks worth of research. Thanks it gave me a fantastic insight into some brilliant companies."

Registering: This is a event JUST for recruiters so unfortunately supplier organisations are not able to register to attend. We can only allow two tickets to be booked per organisation. To register visit http://recnet18jun.eventbrite.co.uk/# or contact Louise on louise@ukrecruiter.co.uk.

Learning Sessions:
- In a typically fast moving, fun and incredibly informative session Lisa Jones will show you how Funky Can be Strategic with Recruitment Technology to Give you the Edge.  Technologies and tools that recruiters should be using to make a difference to the bottom line.

- Why implementing recruitment technology doesn’t need to drain your time and money? This is a debate session chaired by Alan Whitford.  Get proper answers to your questions around why it can be so painful to integrate technology into your business!

- Video technology is fast becoming common-place. What are the trends, where does it fit in the recruitment lifecycle and how can it add value for you and your customers? Hosted by Kirstie Kelly-Batt.

- The Future of CRM's.  Mark Seemann (our database guru) will share his thoughts on where CRM technology is heading and how it can help drive the success of your business.  Ways to get your recrutiers off the computer and onto the phone AND provide you with business analytics.

- LinkedIn will be running a candid session at the event helping you understand how to build a business profile on LinkedIn, use their free tools better and answering that perennial favourite "who owns your LinkedIn contacts?!".

- Broadbean/Monster Critical Data Mash-up; a session hosted by the powerhouses that are Broadbean (Steve Barnhurst) and Monster (David Henry).  It'll be jam packed with information YOU need to understand your candidates, better serve your clients, get to grips with market conditions and move your business forward.

Format: The event is a mix of learning sesions, speed demos and networking time. You choose which products you want to see and who you want to talk with.  The event runs from 12pm to 5.30pm.  We also have a pre-event ‘bring a sarnie’ session which Lisa Jones will host around how to select a CRM and a post -event-in-the-bar session with Bill Boorman on "cool tools".

Technology Companies Present: Saber, Safe Front Office, Virtuoso VMS

Price: We don't want price to be a barrier in recruiters deciding whether to attend our events and so there is no charge for those attending this event. However we do not expect to have enough places for all those who would like to attend. Consequently there is a small deposit payable upon registration to ensure that we are only allocating places to those most committed to attending. All monies will be refunded to attendees who attend the event, if you don't attend your £20 deposit will be spent on after event drinks for the rest of us!

To register visit http://recnet18jun.eventbrite.co.uk/# or contact Louise on louise@ukrecruiter.co.uk.

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