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DBS is evolving. As regulatory change is rushed through, are your HR and compliance teams ready?


June 2013

New rules come into force soon regarding Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) certificate ownership that many professionals may have had little time to adapt to.  Although announced some time ago, the finer detailing has only just come to light, hitting specialists with the harsh reality of putting it all into practice.

The ownership regulatory change to the DBS goes live on Monday 17 June 2013 and many compliance teams, be they HR or recruitment, may be unprepared for the new application process. 

Under the new regulations, employees or candidates will hold ownership and transferability of their DBS certificates and any checks conducted will belong to the individual rather than the employer. This means when an employee is requested to undergo a DBS check for a role, the employee has two options. They can apply for a new check, or indicate they have registered for the Update Service with their current DBS certificate. Should they be in the latter category, the employer is responsible for carrying out a 'status check' on the existing certificate held on the national government database. The employer can make as many online checks against that individuals' registered certificates free of charge, as long as they have received consent.  In doing so, employers will be able to see if any new information has come to light since the certificate was issued. Whilst it is not permitted for certificates to be scanned or emailed, the employer will now have to confirm they have sighted the original certificate. The responsibility will lie with the individual to present this certificate to the employer.

The challenge that professionals are faced with and will continue to face, is their change in processes. It is expected even fewer will be able to record, time and date stamp collated information for a comprehensive and defendable auditable trail from the outset. One group of people who will be prepared for the change are customers of Safe Screening. With development in hand and product ready for the change, the Safe Screening system will not only ask the relevant question of the candidate during the automated screening process, but it will also supply its customer base with a mechanism by which to record both their findings and confirm they have sighted the original certificate. This information will be fed back into the Safe Screening system and cascaded to the appropriate personnel managing the online check. This provides a system generated and fully auditable trail against the individual, member of staff and disclosure check carried out, ensuring the DBS Code of Practice is being adhered to.

Follow the Safe Screening blog at http://safescreening.co.uk/blog/  and Safe Screening would be interested to know how you are managing the change via comments on the blog or email to info@safecomputing.co.uk.


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