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Safe Milling are key sponsors of The NABIM and European Flour Millers Congress 2014

Safe Milling are key sponsors of The NABIM and European Flour Millers Congress 2014 

December 2013


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Between 150 and 200 people from over 20 countries are expected to attend the 2014 joint National Association of British and Irish Millers (NABIM) and European Flour Millers (EFM) Congress. This event offers the perfect opportunity for Safe to show commitment to the European milling industry and highlight Safe services and products to milling industry leaders.

The event is taking place over the weekend of 31 May 2014 in Edinburgh and will combine representatives of flour millers from UK and Ireland with those from over 12 other European countries

Safe has been trading since 1975 and has over 20 years of experience in delivering new ideas to some of the UK’s leading flour milling companies. Safe have also for many years been associate members of National Association of British and Irish Millers (NABIM) helping Safe understand specific industry needs. Such needs can include dealing with highly variable raw material availability and costs, whilst encompassing the strict and stringent audit and regulatory requirements.


More than a dozen of the largest UK flour mills, owned by three of the four largest flour producers, already rely on the Safe Milling solutions to run their businesses. Safe software powers producers every day, 365 days a year, and all are committed to on-going long term relationships with Safe.

Safe Milling software is a flexible, real-time enterprise wide business system delivering efficiency from wheat to flour with no data re-entry required. Safe Milling is also fully integrated to milling operational systems from suppliers such as Buhler and Satake and supported by class-leading Safe Financials and Safe Credit Control.

Safe believes that spending in excess of 20 years working with the leading flour milling companies in the country has resulted in their Safe Milling team having an unrivalled level of knowledge and experience of milling businesses. This knowledge makes Safe different from other more generalist solution providers, and therefore able to provide more value to Safe customers. Safe engage closely with each of their customers, delivering a flexible, responsive and dedicated service.

Safe are actively engaging in discussions with other milling and food production companies in order to explore how the Safe Milling solution can deliver the same flexibility, scaleability and savings achieved by the UK’s leading milling companies.

To find out more about the Safe Milling solution, see www.safemilling.co.uk or contact Allan Gleeson at safemilling@safecomputing.co.uk.


All media enquiries to renata.jones@safecomputing.co.uk

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