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Time Interpretation module for Safe Tempest unveiled


Time Interpretation module for Safe Tempest unveiled

April release 2014

Software designers Safe have added yet another string to the proverbial bow that is market leading product Safe Tempest, with a new and exciting module.

As used by around half the leading 50 UK recruitment agencies for payroll of agency workers and client billing, Safe Tempest forms part of an unrivalled range of B2B software and services from Safe.

Safe Tempest Time Interpretation module can accept time clocking information from a variety of sources for the calculation of applicable pay and bill rates using the powerful Safe Tempest interpretation engine. Time can be captured through web portals, through mobile web, from the Safe Tempest Flexible Timesheet Importer module, as well as from direct input into Safe Tempest.

Safe’s Time Interpretation module is essentially a complex calculator, which can apply differing pay and bill rates, based on the time and nature of captured worked hours or tasks. Rates can differ to allow this module to calculate for multiple overtime bands, shift rotation patterns, or inconvenient hours. By rule, payments can be stopped or deducted automatically for both keyed and assumed break periods, or bank or public holidays. Able to handle more than time alone, this clever system can even allow payments based on quantities of activities completed, rather than simply by the time spent on them.

Safe’s Time Interpretation module dispenses with the need for numerous manual interventions and calculations, saving payroll staff time, company money and omitting room for human error. To find out more about adding this module to your current Safe Tempest system, contact your account manager. Or, if you are thinking of switching your payroll and billing engine to Safe Tempest, visit www.safe-tempestsuite.co.uk to enquire online, call 0844 583 2134, or email info@safecomputing.co.uk.


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