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Steve of Safe went Fishing for Heroes

Steve Radford from Safe Computing gave up his bank holiday weekend to fish. This was not just for fun though, he was raising funds to help our heroes and veterans, who are fighting or have fought in, the war in Afghanistan.

An avid fisherman for many years, Steve was confident he could catch a fortune to assist this worthy charitable cause. In total, ten turned out for the event on a sunny bank holiday Monday, hoping to raise as much as they could. As well as gaining sponsorship to take part, Steve sold the fish he caught after the event to staff at Safe Computing to raise even more for the organisation.

Monies raised will go to the soldiers and families of soldiers fighting or who have fought in Afghanistan. The UK joined the war in 2003. It was reported recently that there have been over 3000 admissions to combat field hospitals for UK troops since 2003. Monies raised can never replace a lost loved one, however it is hoped additional funding can ease the suffering as a result of war for those still with us. Fishing for heroes was founded in 2009 by Tom Hill and Capt. Tony Spacey, and has applied to become a registered charity.


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In total, over £5000 was given to the cause, with over £700 directly from Safe employees. Donations can still be given to the cause, by contacting Steve at Safe Computing, or directly via card payment to the organisations website at http://www.fishingforheroes.net/. You can learn more about software solutions and outsourcing services from Safe Computing at www.safecomputing.co.uk.

Editors notes:

Figure of hospital admission taken from http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2009/sep/17/afghanistan-casualties-dead-wounded-british-data

Safe Computing has a head office in Leicester City centre, and has existed as a business for over three decades. Aside from the Leicester HQ, the business has offices in Nottingham, Hertfordshire, and London.

MD Sandy Scott has spent his lifetime building successful companies, and being the majority shareholder, both owns and runs the enterprise. He does so with his board of trusted directors, many of which he has worked with for several years.

With a high staff retention, several employees at the company have worked there for over 20 years.

Rapid recent growth can be attributed partly to the acquisitions of Topaz and AHL Management, furthering product portfolio and company reach.

For all media enquires, and further information, contact Renata.Jones@safecomputing.co.uk or visit http://www.safecomputing.co.uk/.

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