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Safe summer BBQ success

It was a wonderfully sunny day for the Safe annual summer barbeque with the highest turnout ever seen.


Held on the banks of the Thames, near to all the local main tourist attractions and the corridors of power, this truly was a prestigious event. From the luxury sailing vessel, moored beneath the stunning Jubilee Bridge, the London Eye and Big Ben, were clearly visible. However in true Safe down to earth style, and whilst in the glamorous surroundings of the R. S. Hispaniola, this was no black tie affair. A refreshing change to pomp and ceremony of other functions, the dress code was relaxed in favour of ordinary working day attire.


All who attended enjoyed fine dining, cooked in the open air, and served in a quirky grilled style still on skewers.



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Safe organise the event annually to gather valuable feedback for customer desires. This function also rewards customers for their loyalty, and gives Safe an opportunity to update those who attend in terms of new products and service offerings.


This year’s event was no exception, with a credit control software seminar pre function taster. This was swiftly followed by the grand opening speech by Sandy Scott, MD for Safe. Announcements to existing customers included international developments for existing software, and additional modular options for their new and improved employee managed service (EMS) software. More information about these interesting developments will become public later in the year.




Media enquiries renata.jones@safecomputing.co.uk


Editors notes:

Safe Computing has a head office in Leicester City centre, and has existed as a business for over three decades. Aside from the Leicester HQ, the business has offices in Nottingham, Hertfordshire, and London.

MD Sandy Scott has spent his lifetime building successful companies, and being the majority shareholder, both owns and runs the enterprise. He does so with his board of trusted directors, many of which he has worked with for several years.

With a high staff retention, several employees at the company have worked there for over 20 years.

Rapid recent growth can be attributed partly to the acquisitions of Topaz and AHL Management, furthering product portfolio and company reach.

For all media enquires, and further information, contact Renata.Jones@safecomputing.co.uk or visit http://www.safecomputing.co.uk/.

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