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Emerge from global recession, increase information, and reduce your manual intervention


coinsEmerge from global recession, increase information, and reduce your manual intervention

Press release 2010

The recent global recession has produced a turbulent economic environment, affecting individuals and corporations in equal measure. The nonstop growth of the credit culture has had significant impact on individuals, leading to mortgage defaults, reduced spending on the high street and a general tightening of the belt.  Business is no different. Banks are unwilling to provide loans to invest in new opportunities, and also not extending overdrafts.


Credit rating and data providers are set to play an increasing role in helping businesses to stay abreast of their client’s financial health. Activities to do so involve managing their client’s debtor situation, and being aware of any impending customer insolvency.  Many suppliers of such data now provide an ongoing service to alert clients of any activities that are likely to affect the credit worthiness of their customers and suppliers. These could include county court judgements (CCJs) issued, new accounts filed, risk or delinquency scores, and offering recommended credit limits. This supplements the traditional credit check and report process, which still plays a major role in checking process of new or prospective client customers. Given the recession, you would expect the popularity of credit insurance to have increased, however, the cost of this service has also increased and hence its take up has remained static. In the case of credit rating and insurance solutions, the manual effort involved in acquiring and processing the data is significant. The information gleaned from this process is, more often than not, disparate to the commercial business solutions in place.  By easing the manual processes required and integrating such solutions with the finance systems, there is an opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce costs and drive down poor credit performance. Safe Credit Control reduces these manual processes, and could help your business, so get in touch to find out more.

Eddie Stanley, Commercial Director for Financials and Credit Control



Editors notes

All media enquiries to renata.jones@safecomputing.co.uk

Safe Computing is a leading supplier of software solutions to businesses internationally.  Although our solutions are widely deployed in many different business sectors we specialise in some key vertical markets including the recruitment sector.  The technology we offer is completely modular and can be integrated to any number of third party solutions. However our complete suite covers the entire staffing agency process from front office, through to pay and bill and then into financial accounts and credit control. Safe have a long established pedigree of providing high quality financial accounting software and outsourcing services solutions. Our market leading solution, Safe financials addresses all elements of accounting with particular focus on credit control and management information. Our service and support services ensure complete customer satisfaction from installation to live on-going operation.

The advancement of our stand alone credit and query management solution has provided an exciting specialism for Safe in recent years and through strong integration with other enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting solutions has provided a superior solution to other dedicated solutions in this sphere.

With over 200 installations around the UK and enviable customer retention, Safe Computing with a collective team of 150 professionals in our Nottingham, Leicester and London offices. An almost nonexistent staff turnover ensures continuity that has led to a stable, profitable business, every year since inception. As a privately owned and self funded business, we have a commitment to growth whilst maintaining a healthy working environment and providing genuine value for money for our expanding and loyal client base.

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